Review: Planetary Design Insulated French Press

A technical review of the Planetary Design Insulated Brew-Stop French Press
The French Press is a time-tested classic manual brewer, like the corkscrew it has become an essential part of many home kitchens around the world. But the tried-and-true French Press design often uses a glass carafe and has a few shortcomings. First, the glass carafes break easily, and second, they insulate poorly which can affect extraction and lead to a cool cup of brew.

An orange Planetary Design Insulated Bru-Stop French Press

Enter the Planetary Design French Press with Bru-Stop Technology

Boasting stainless steel construction and double-walled vacuum insulation the Planetary Design Bru-Stop French Press claims to solve both of the common glass french press' problems. But that's not all, Planetary Design asserts that their trademarked Bru-Stop plunger prevents over-extraction by sealing the grounds off from the brew, allowing you to sip and savor your coffee at your leisure, unlike a traditional French Press. We brought the Bru-Stop to our labs to find out if the claims were true, and here is what we discovered.

Output Quality and Consistency - 6/7

The Planetary Design produces a classic French Press profile (heavy body with silt in the bottom of the cup, moderate flavor clarity). There is not much to a French Press. Just be sure the brewer is clean before start, the water is hot, grind size is right, and use a timer. The Bru-Stop is successful in isolating grounds and substantially slowing the extraction if coffee is not completely decanted. The double wall insulation is efficient and helps stabilize temperature, especially when brewing out of doors (picnics, camping, etc.).

Ease of Use - 7/7

As easy as any other French Press.

Ease of Cleanup and Maintenance - 6/7

Categorically, the French Press is more difficult to clean than most paper-filtered pour-over brewers. The Planetary Design is only slightly more involved to clean than other presses on the market, it is not recommended for cleaning in the dishwasher.
A hand holds the Planetary Design French Press in the air above a field of daisies.

Durability - 6/7

Minus two points for the rubber seal around the filter because were concerned that over time, this will deteriorate and loose effectiveness. Plus one point for sturdy stainless steel construction. Campers and the accident-prone will appreciate the lack of glass.

Aesthetics - 5/7

The design is contemporary and it's clear the designers had durability in mind, it's not intended to be kept on the kitchen counter.

Overall - 8/10

The Planetary Design Bru-Stop is a travel-ready brewer that offers consistent results with cleanup on par with most presses. Ideal for anyone who loves French Press profile and wants to avoid breaking glass, or over-extraction. 

Do you bring your French Press camping? Tell us in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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  • I enjoy my Planetary Design french press – use specifically for camping. Keeps the coffee warm so I can enjoy multiple cups. My only issue is I don’t get a full pour…it starts fine than slows to a trickle. Would this be due to how the coffee I use is ground?

    Christopher Piper

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