Corporate Giving Program


Purpose: Dancing Goats® Coffee is organized as a social purpose corporation governed by Ch. 23B.25RCW.  The mission of this social purpose corporation is not necessarily compatible with and may be contrary to maximizing profits and earnings for shareholders, or maximizing shareholder value in any sale, merger, acquisition, or other similar actions of the corporation. The purpose of the corporation shall include creating a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole, from the business and operations of the corporation.

The purpose of the Dancing Goats® Coffee Corporate Giving Program is to recognize our responsibility as a good corporate citizen in making contributions back to the communities in which we operate. Dancing Goats® Coffee corporate giving program is directed towards local agencies and non-profit organizations that provide needed services to those communities.

Oversight Responsibility: Dancing Goats® Coffee supports local organizations through several means of contributions – corporate charitable contributions & sponsorships, volunteer activities, and in-kind giving. To more effectively process donation requests, all requests will be processed through an online application process. Any requests received outside of the online application process may not be accepted. However, exceptions can be made in emergency situations.


Charitable Contributions are donations from Dancing Goats® Coffee to nonprofit organizations with IRS 501(c)(3) status.

Focus Area:  Dancing Goats® Coffee giving guidelines are structured around the following key areas of focus:


Dancing Goats® Coffee recognizes the importance of arts and culture to the overall development and economic prosperity of our communities – creating jobs, attracting visitors, generating revenue for our communities. Our strategic focus is to provide access to cultural resources that broaden artistic excellence by partnering with major arts and culture organizations.

In order to strengthen the communities in which Dancing Goats® Coffee employees live and work, we support charitable organizations local to our regional offices and ports that make our communities more livable for all.

At Dancing Goats® Coffee we believe education is critical for healthy, vibrant communities and believe all youth deserve an education that will help them reach their greatest potential. Our support goes to programs that provide today’s youth with the tools and resources which help them achieve life skills and an education, equipping them for future opportunities and helping them realize their dreams. 

Environment, Conservation and Animal Welfare:

Dancing Goats® Coffee is committed to protecting the environment both through its business practices and its philanthropy. We support programs that:

  • Protect air, land and water resources in the communities in which we operate
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Teach environmental stewardship to children and adults
  • Assisting animal welfare organizations that offer sanctuaries or other programs that protect and promote the welfare of animals.

Eligibility & Restrictions:

Dancing Goats® Coffee awards contributions to organizations that have been approved by the IRS as 501(c)(3) charities and government institutions. We target our support to specific projects or programs that enhance the scope of services offered by an organization. Our contributions are seldom used to support administration operating costs or related capital campaigns.

Exclusions: In this program, Dancing Goats® Coffee generally does not award donations to:

  • Organizations that do not have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Religious organizations unless the project benefits the community
  • Organizations whose overhead budget exceeds 30%
  • Endowments or debt-reducing campaigns
  • Anti-business groups
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, creed, age, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, military status or disability.

Criteria for Eligibility: Organizations that meet the funding priorities criteria above should apply online.


Our preferred method of giving is in-kind donations of product, equipment, facilities, technical resources and volunteers are made when possible. All requests for in-kind contributions will be evaluated based on Dancing Goats® Coffee availability of material resources and manpower.


Dancing Goats® Coffee has a long tradition of corporate and business citizenship. In fact, one of Dancing Goats® Coffee core values is dedicated to Community Service. Dancing Goats® Coffee employs three full-time positions dedicated to community outreach and volunteerism. 

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