Subscribers save 15%

You choose the coffees you'd like to receive and we bill and ship those coffees every two weeks. By subscribing you'll save 15% on all coffees. That's it, it's really that simple!

Why subscribe?

Ensuring your coffee supply never runs dry has never been easier. Simply select the coffees you'd like to receive, pick a billing day, and we'll handle the rest. You will be billed every two weeks and we'll roast and ship your coffee. Some of our Limited Edition and Single Origin coffees are not available for subscriptions as they are only here for a short time. No obligation, no special commitment, that’s it. We will ensure that your coffee is:

  • Always Roasted to Order
  • Always Delivered Fresh
  • You Can Cancel at Any Time


Follow these easy steps to set up your subscription.

  1. Browse to your favorite coffee blend description page
  2. Choose your preferred Ground or Wholebean Coffee
  3. Pick your Coffee Package Size
  4. Select the frequency you'd like by choosing recurrence every 1 - 6 weeks.
  5. Choose your preferred billing Day (Coffee will roast and ship the first roasting day after you place your order. Roast days are Monday through Thursday).
  6. Click "Subscribe"
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for any other coffee you'd like to subscribe to
  8. Proceed to checkout, sit back, and enjoy your coffee

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Decaf Dancing Goats®

Steeped Dancing Goats®

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Please Note:

Due to supply chain issues, coffee packaging may differ from what is pictured on product pages.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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