How to Keep Coffee Fresh

Coffee is all about the beans!

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Once you find your favorite coffee beans, the next step is learning how to store them.

If you have been buying mass-produced, pre-ground coffee at the grocery store, you are missing out. Changing your coffee to freshly roasted whole beans will change your life. If you havent found your perfect beans, or perfect-for-the-season beans, check out our current selection.

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As soon as coffee is roasted, it begins to lose its freshness.

For espresso, whole beans peak 3 days after they have been roasted and keep their freshness for 14 days. The whole beans for drip coffee can be used for up to a month without worrying. Ground coffee only retains its optimal freshness for up to one week. Anything past that and you will rapidly be drinking stale and bitter coffee. Thats one reason why buying mass produced ground coffee doesnt deliver the same fresh, deliciousness as getting a cup of Java at your favorite local cafe.

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There are a few universal truths when storing coffee.

One of the most common ways to store coffee is in the freezer. But is this the right way to store your precious beans? Freezing and thawing coffee repeatedly can lead to condensation forming on the beans. What that means for you is that you will end up with a cup of Joe that tastes like cardboard instead of the velvety goodness you are expecting.  Although it is okay to use a freezer when you wont be pulling out your coffee regularly, you don't need to freeze your coffee to keep it fresh.

When buying your coffee, be mindful of how much coffee you think that you will drink in a 1-2 week period. If you find yourself with a larger quantity than what you can drink in 7-14 days, then separate your coffee into 1-week portions and seal them in airtight containers.

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The best way to keep your beans fresh is simply keeping it in an airtight container.

An airtight container will prevent the beans from collecting moisture or taking on outside flavors. No one wants to have a cup of coffee that tastes like last nights salmon, no matter how delicious the dinner. Quality coffee packaging is on the rise. Many companies have the freshness of your beans in mind so they are using bags that come with zip-top seals. If the roaster you are buying your coffee from doesnt use these type of bags dont worry. Lots of containers are available that you can use, such as the ones from Airscape that have vacuum-seal technology to keep your items fresh. Most of these containers retail for $20-$50.

These vacuum-sealed containers typically hold 1-2 pounds of coffee and keep your beans fresh by allowing carbon dioxide to escape while also keeping oxygen out.

If you are on a budget, Mason jars are a good way to store your fresh coffee beans within that optimal time-frame.

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You have your coffee, and you have your storage container, now its time to figure out where you are going to keep it.

You dont want to go searching for your coffee half awake, stubbing toes, and dropping mugs at 5 in the morning. Pick a location near your coffee maker-- a cool, dry place, away from light such as a cupboard or pantry. Buying only what you need and properly storing your coffee will guarantee a tasty coffee every day!

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Drinking delicious coffee at home shouldnt be a gamble. Following these tips will keep the guesswork out of your cup and help ensure that the last cup of coffee you drink from a package is as good as the first.


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