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Taste traces of cocoa and vanilla.

Our French Roast process mellows the acidity without compromising it, creating a balanced and sweet cup. You'll find chocolate and toasty flavors mixed with a sugary sweetness.

We have created a French Roast that honors the traditional "French Roast" flavors and still captures a sweet, chocolate note.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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“French" roast refers to a roast style rather than any particular origin of coffee. The telling characteristic of the coffee is the degree of roast applied to the coffee.

It would be overly simplistic to say that darker roasts stay in the roaster for longer periods of time. The fact of the matter is you can have a “French” roast that finishes in ten minutes and you can have a light roast take fifteen minutes. It is not necessarily about how much heat you have but more importantly it is how you apply it.

Historically the farther south you travel in Europe the darker the roast profile becomes. Our “French“ roast is a little lighter in color and leaves a lingering sweetness on your palate. The primary difference being a less dry finish than one could experience with the Italian roast. 

We find that high grown and dense coffees from the Americas tend to be our best performing coffees for this roasting expression. The green coffee's density allows it to absorb more heat and undergo caramelization of sugars without suffering from roast defects such as “scorching” or “tipping”.



Mellow yet complex, our French Roast will be familiar to fans of this traditional roast style. A smooth bodied cup with flavors of cacao, vanilla, and toast.



  • 18g In / 27g Out (1:1.5 ratio)
  • 24-26 seconds (adj. to taste)
  • 200 Fahrenheit
  • 9 Bar


  • 17g per water / 1g of coffee (adj. to desired brew strength)


Our commitment to sustainability

Finding ways to be environmental stewards is a top priority at Batdorf & Bronson® Coffee Roasters. Watch Video.


When we find an exceptional coffee we buy it. Then the unroasted beans travel by land and by sea to the USA where our artisan roasters develop a custom roast profile for the coffee that best highlights its unique qualities. We pay farmers fairly and build relationships that last decades. More than 30 years of experience means we have an abundance of relationships with coffee producers that grant us access to the best coffee beans in the world.

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