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Weekends Are Overrated


Weekends Are Overrated is the slogan for Monday Night Brewing, a craft beer brewer located in Atlanta, just two miles from our Atlanta roasting facility. Monday Night and Batdorf are friends. We like their beer. They like our coffee. They like us. We like them. They love to taste stuff. We love to taste stuff. About a year ago, Monday Night combined our Colombia Estrella del Sur coffee with their Eye Patch Ale and made it available in casks for a very limited time. The combo was a hit.

So, when they called us to partner again, we said yes, four or five times, before they even finished asking. This time they wanted to step it up with a limited edition beer created just for this collaboration and make it available not only to restaurants and pubs around Atlanta, but in 22 ounce bottles as well.


They kept talking. We kept saying yes over and over and over and trying not to drool. And we stepped it up for our part also. We invited the Monday Night team to our cupping table to select just the right coffee, which would influence their selection of hops. There was a lot of palate wagging about palatey things like citrus notes and earthiness and hints of spice and hops. In the end, we agreed that our Tanzania Peaberry was the right coffee. Once the coffee had been chosen, our Atlanta coffee crew set to work finding the right roast profile for what Monday Night wanted to achieve. Then Monday Night Beer Boss, Adam Bishop went to work creating the beer that would make Atlanta famous. We might be exaggerating just a little.



On May 5th, the initial batch of Bed Head, Imperial Coffee IPA was introduced at The Optimist restaurant in Atlanta. The initial batch disappeared so quickly that just one week after launch we received a request for more coffee, and an invitation to come watch the coffee being introduced into the filtration process. Again, we said yes more times that is required in normal communication. And this batch is destined for bottles as well as kegs.

Weighing in at 8.4% alcohol, this is not a beer to drink while mowing the lawn, but the taste of coffee is clear and a delightful accent to the flavor of this hoppy offering. We plan on consuming our fair share, and a little bit more, because several of our wholesale customers in Atlanta that also serve beer will be pulling Bed Head. We are proud to be a part of this beer and even more proud of a partnership with Monday Night Brewing.

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