Introducing Dancing Goats® Steeped Coffee

A mug of Dancing Goats Steeped Coffee alongside abag of Dancing Goats Steeped Ground Coffee

If you're like us, then you probably enjoy a little adventure, whether its hiking, camping, or hotel stays in exotic locales. But, every time we travel we have to deal with the same dilemma- how are we going to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our Dancing Goats® while we're on the road?

Travelers are reflected in the windows of an airport with an airliner jet being loaded outside

We are excited to say we've found a simple way to keep the good Goats rolling, wherever the road leads you- with Dancing Goats® Steeped Coffee. Now you can enjoy Dancing Goats® anywhere, all you need is hot water, a mug, and 5 minutes. It really is as simple as that!

Doing it 'The Right Way'

We were searching for convenient single serve options other than pods or K-cups (which create way too much waste), that tasted the way coffee should. Along the way we sampled lots and lots of single-serving coffee options, and were not satisfied with the results.

Coffee Experts Sampling (cupping) Coffee for quality

Finding a single-serve coffee option that doesn't compromise our values and mission was always a top priority, which meant that a sustainable product that provides a quality cup of coffee we can stand by, was the only option.

Simple Single-Serve Steeped Coffee

We were beginning to think our search was pointless, when we stumbled upon Steeped Coffee, who helped us package our fresh-roasted Dancing Goats® Blend into their unique 100% compostable filtration and freshness system. Brewing Steeped Coffee is simple, place filter in cup and pour 8oz of hot water, wait 5 minutes, and enjoy

We Couldn't Wait To Share

The first test run blew us away with its tempting aromatics, rich taste, and heavy body, resembling a good French Press brew.

Two Dancing Goats<sup>®</sup> Steeped coffee packets sit on a wooden tray beside two Batdorf and Bronson Camper Mugs

After a little fine tuning we are proud to offer this new, simple, single-serving Dancing Goats® coffee product to all of our fans, in both regular and decaffeinated options! 

Give them a try and give us your feedback below or give us a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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