Going Gaga For Huehue

Grounds for Health Huehuetenago

The reviews of the Grounds For Health Guatemala Huehuetenango are rolling in from B&B folks and the verdict is “double thumbs up!” We purchased this coffee in an auction to benefit Grounds For Health, an organization committed to bringing women’s health care to coffee growing communities. This limited edition coffee is available throughout the fall at our retail website, For more information on the work of Grounds For Health, visit their website,

“This coffee is produced in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala near the town of San Pedro. The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1500 meters or more and is 75% caturra with the remaining 25% being a blend of bourbon, catuai, and mundo nuevo. The climate is cold so the coffee matures slowly which results in an increased acidity with a balanced heavy body. While many Huehue coffees tend to be on the fruity side this coffee is extraordinarily sweet with heavy dark chocolate and bing cherry flavors.  The coffee is developed a little more in the drum to accentuate these delightful characteristics.” Bob Benck, Green Coffee Buyer

“Big lush body, notable sweetness, with a dry finish. Flavors of dates with a tequila-like earthiness. Mild red pepper spice. Finishes with a lingering unsweetened cocoa aspect.”  Marcus Young, Sales & Distribution

“I was amazed at the complexity, tasting dark roast and dark chocolate - especially when it was hot.  As it cooled the brightness really popped in my mouth, but simultaneously I still got all that darkness.  I’m looking forward to a bit more leisurely appreciation over the week-end and also to check out the taste a few more days out of the roaster.” Sally Califf, Customer Service How about you? Have you tasted the Huehue? Tell us about it in the comments.

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