Colombia Estrella del Sur

Colombia Estrella del Sur

Our Colombia Estrella del Sur coffee stays true to its name of "Southern Star", shining brightly among our constellation of coffees. To find it, we consistently scour Colombia's coffee-growing regions to find the beans that exemplify the best of what the country has to offer. It is always a favorite among staff and customers. Our current selection is an outstanding coffee from Colombia's southwestern Cauca region. This region spans from the Pacific coast to the Central mountain range where coffee plants grow on slopes 1,450 - 2,180 meters above sea level. This altitude, combined with mountain-born waters flowing to the Cauca River, creates a microclimate that gives this coffee its distinctive flavor. The current Colombia Estrella del Sur has a gentle acidity with a luxurious body. This gracefully balanced Colombian possesses a delicate citrus blossom bouquet and reveals soft, full flavors of vanilla and almonds with subtle hints of dried fruit.

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