Coffee Ambush-Cartoon Network in Atlanta!

brewing up coffee for Cartoon Network staff

So far, we've done Coffee Ambushes all over the country, with the bulk of them obviously being in the Atlanta area. We've done really cool ones like Adult Swim, MailChimp, Coca-Cola, PopCap Games and more, and yet there was one Ambush that I wanted to do more than all the others, and that was The Cartoon Network. It's also been the most difficult one to schedule, too, from a logistics perspective. So, you can imagine, it was the most rewarding one to do, and I was glad to be there yesterday with the team I assembled from all over Atlanta to make it happen. Yesterday, we Ambushed the Digital floor, which includes Digital, Enterprises, Marketing and Research, and next week, we head up a floor to Creative. Assisting me with this Ambush was: Chandler Rentz, trainer for Batdorf & Bronson®; Jonathan Pascual, owner of Taproom Coffee (a new coffee/beer shop in Kirkwood opening up this Spring); Greg Gamewell, barista at the Ponce City Dancing Goats® shop; Rob Adair, barista at Copper Coin in Woodstock; and Amanda Diegel, a friend who I met through a Coffee 101, and she took most photos and videos. The coffee I used was Batdorf & Bronson's® Nicaragua Finca Santa Gema Natural, which was delicious all morning long, and all who came LOVED it.

Suffice to say, it was a successful first Cartoon Network Ambush, and we're looking forward to heading back next week for Round 2! Check out the video here: Coffee Ambush- Cartoon Network Video!

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