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AeroPress Inverted Brewing

Increase the precision of your brew with the AeroPress Inverted Method

The AeroPress can produce truly exceptional coffee. Invented in 2005, the AeroPress is relatively new when compared to other popular coffee brewing methods. The coffee an AeroPress produces is full bodied much like a French Press, but with the clarity of filtered brewing similar to a Chemex.

Contents of the AeroPress box lined up

Because of these combined qualities, the AeroPress is one of the most popular brewers available today.

Close-up of woman making the Home Alone wow face

The problem that some people have with the AeroPress is that when you brew it right side up, the coffee will immediately begin draining through the filter. This can cause under-extraction in the coffee that prematurely drips through.

The solution is simple.

Turn the AeroPress upside down! Thats right! It really is that simple. This AeroPress Inverted Method allows the entire brew to steep completely before it gets pressed.

Coffee mug on an extrended hand

Here's how we like to do it!

QUICK NOTE: A little experimentation is your best friend when manual brewing coffee. Not only do each of us have particular flavor preferences, but coffee responds uniquely in different climates.

AeroPress Inverted Brewing Instructions

  • To begin, attach a fresh filter and the retainer cap to the AeroPress, and rinse the brewer and filter with hot water. 
  • Next, carefully remove the cap--the rinsed filter should remain in place in the cap. Set them aside for now. 
  • Flipping the brewer over, insert the plunger until it reaches the 4 near the top of the chamber.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the plunger is straight; a crooked plunger can easily end up spilling the mixture when brewing.

    An AeroPress scoop filled with coffee

    • Add a little bit of water to the brewing chamber. Aim for no more than 2 tbsp, followed by 14-17g (1 - AeroPress scoop) of ground coffee. 
    • Continue adding water until the level reaches the 2 marking on the barrel of the chamber. This will be just a touch more water than when you are brewing normally. Add water until the level just reaches the "2"
    Stiring the bloom of the coffee in an upside AeroPress
    • Stir. If the bloom rises up to the top of the cylinder, making it hard to put the cap on without spilling, stir again to make the bloom subside and remember to add a touch less water next time.
    • Re-attach the filter and cap tightly.
    • Flip the AeroPress upright and press the brew into your mug.
    • Finally, dilute with your choice of milk or water, hot or cold, and enjoy!
    Note: The plunger is crooked in this example, which can cause leaks and even spills.

    It takes a bit of finesse and practice to master the AeroPress Inverted brew method, but if you own an AeroPress its worth having this skill in your brewing arsenal. Did you enjoy the brew that the Inverted Method produced? Have any questions or suggestions? Drop them in the comments below!

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