Parchment coffee needs to go through a resting period (reposa) to bring the moisture content down between 10-12% before the parchment is removed. The coffee needs to be in an environment that has limited light exposure, stable temperature, and proper ventilation. Coffee that is not properly stored and exposed to hot humid air can reabsorb moisture or its moisture content will just not stabilize properly. More often than not, parchment coffee is stored in jute bags stacked on pallets in massive quantities. These towers of stacked bags can potentially limit the air movement around the coffee, making evaporation more challenging. In this situation, the moisture content can slightly vary from the top of the stack to the bottom or inner bags to outer bags.

Another method is the use of large wooden bins/silos that hold bulk parchment coffee. A facility that uses this method can have more control over the process, possibly creating a more uniform product. Depending on the various factors, parchment coffee can be in reposa upwards of 90 days, improving the overall shelf life.

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