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How to Brew With the Vacuum Pot

This is one of the few methods of brewing that maintains a constant brewing temperature throughout the entire process (slightly above 200F), meaning a full extraction and a more complex (hotter) cup. The Vacuum (or Siphon) Pot can yield many different kinds of cups, depending on grind size, steep time and the amount of agitation that is given during the brewing process. Use this method as a control, and then adjust (one variable at a time) to your tastes. See recommendations at the end of the tutorial.

Note: for electric ranges, be sure to use the included wire trivet/grid between the heat element and carafe.


Grind - two tablespoons (or one coffee scoop) for every six ounces of water, coarse grind (similar to French Press)
Water – Pre-heated (works best when carafe is 2/3 full or more)
Filter - Thoroughly rinse the filter and put it in place.
Process – For this brew, we’ll use 30 ounces of water, which requires five coffee scoops (or ten tablespoons)

Step One: Add Upper Globe

Measure water and add to lower globe, loosely fitting the upper globe into the lower. Turn on heat to Medium or below (never use higher than Medium heat with the vacuum pot).

Step Two: Grind Coffee

While the water heats up, measure and grind your coffee - coarse, similar to French Press.


Step Three: Place Over Heat

Just before the water starts boiling, tighten the upper globe into the lower. Water will begin to slowly siphon up into the top globe.

Step Four: Add Coffee to Upper Globe

When most of the water leaves the lower globe, add coffee to upper globe.

Step Five: Lower Heat

Turn the heat to low/simmer, but be sure the heat is high enough to keep the liquid in the upper globe. If the heat is too low, coffee will travel into the lower globe too soon, making it taste astringent.

Step Six: Ensure Grounds Are Wet

Start your timer (from zero). Using a small spatula or spoon, gently push the coffee into the water and ensure all the grounds get wet. This is also a good time to evaluate the aroma.

Step Seven: Stir & Turn Off Heat

At about the 2 ½ - 3 minute mark, remove the pot from the heat source and gently stir 2-4 times in the same direction to create a vortex. The coffee will begin to siphon into the lower globe. Be amazed.

Step Eight: Remove Upper Globe

After the coffee has filled the lower globe and the grounds in the top are dry, remove upper globe and place into stand.

Step Nine: Share

Be sure to share with friends.

Want a stronger cup? Try any ONE of the modifications below:

  • A finer grind
  • Longer steep time
  • More stirs

Want a milder cup? Try any ONE of the modifications below:

  • A coarser grind
  • Shorter steep time
  • Fewer stirs
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