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Clever Dripper Coffee Maker

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The best of both worlds.

The Clever Dripper Coffee Maker combines the best features of French Press full immersion and filtered drip brewing, eliminating the drawbacks of each.

With French press brewing, you have control over steeping time, but sediment in the cup can be a problem. Brewing with a paper filter is easy and convenient; the problem is lack of control over steeping time (i.e. the coffee begins to drain immediately). The Clever Dripper Coffee Maker delivers delicious single-serving coffee by solving both of these problems.

#4 Filters Included

Clever Dripper Video Tutorial


Pairing the functionality of a French Press with the convenience of a drip brewer, the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker employs the same brewing mechanism as the first, and allows for easy coffee brewing right into your cup, just like the latter.

Fashioned with BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic, the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker is absolutely safe to use and highly durable, offering a long-lasting performance that cannot be beat. The shut-off valve holds the coffee until the brewing process is complete to prevent coffee grounds from finding their way into your drink.

Now you can stir in as much sugar, milk or syrups as you want without the grounds coming to the surface and making your coffee undrinkable!

The Clever Dripper Coffee Maker is extremely versatile, it fits mugs and Thermoses with tops measuring between 1.5" and 3.75".

  • Clever Dripper Coffee Maker
  • Lid
  • Coaster

1. Unfold and install a fresh #4 Cone Filter.

2. Add ground coffee.

3. Gently add water to fill brew chamber.

4. Wait 4 minutes, place Clever Dripper onto mug, and enjoy!


Cleanup is fast and easy, dump the spent grounds and filter into your compost bin and give the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker a quick rinse.

  • Dimensions (Overall): 3.875 inches (H) x 4.5 inches (W) x 4.5 inches (D)
  • Weight: 0.8 pounds
  • Includes: Brewer, Lid, Coaster
  • Cup Capacity: 20 fl oz
  • Mount Type: Free standing
  • Coffee Filter Type:#4 Cone Filter
  • Coffee Type Used: Ground Coffee
  • Material: BPA-Free Tritan Plastic
  • Care & Cleaning: Hand Wash
  • UPC: 856239003011
  • Origin: Made in Taiwan

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  • Q: Can the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker be used with a 'Gold' permanent filter?
    A: Yes, but we don't recommend it. The resulting brew is essentially identical to a French Press, so why not use a French Press? It also misses one of our favorite features of the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker, which is the easy cleanup.
  • Q: Can you use the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker to brew loose leaf tea?
    Yes, the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker works great for brewing loose leaf tea.
  • Q: What size filter does the Clever Dripper Coffee Makeer use?
    A: This model, the Large, uses a #4 Paper Cone Filter.
  • Q: How many cups of coffee does the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker brew?
    A: This Large model brews about 16oz of coffee, so two 8oz cups.
  • Q: Is the Clever Dripper Coffee Maker Dishwasher Safe?
    A: No, hand wash only.
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