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Organic Whirling Dervish

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Central American coffees roasted in two different styles.

One of our most popular drip coffees, and favored among baristas as an espresso blend, Whirling Dervish Organic features a harmonious mix of molasses, chocolate and cherry.

This 100% organic, shadegrown coffee has been a part of Batdorf & Bronson’s offerings since 1997.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Arabica Coffee Beans

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This blend is named after Omar, a mystic and whirling dervish who legend tells was the first person to prepare coffee as a beverage, a discovery that earned him his sainthood.



Darkly roasted, Whirling Dervish exhibits an uncommon balance of velvety body and delicate acidity. Flavor notes include pronounced chocolate, molasses, cherry, toasted almond and hints of orange zest.



  • 18g In / 27g Out (1:1.5 ratio)
  • 26-30 seconds (adj. to taste)
  • 200 Fahrenheit
  • 9 Bar


  • 17g per water / 1g of coffee (adjust to desired brew strength)

Our commitment to sustainability

Finding ways to be environmental stewards is a top priority at Batdorf & Bronson® Coffee Roasters. Watch Video.


When we find an exceptional coffee we buy it. Then the unroasted beans travel by land and by sea to the USA where our artisan roasters develop a custom roast profile for the coffee that best highlights its unique qualities. We pay farmers fairly and build relationships that last decades. More than 30 years of experience means we have an abundance of relationships with coffee producers that grant us access to the best coffee beans in the world.

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