Tasting Coffee Part 2

In Part 1 of Tasting Coffee we didn't talk about taste we talked about smell. In Part 2 we finally taste. Tongue! Fi...

Tasting Coffee Part I

Drinking coffee can be and is for millions of people every day one of lifes simple pleasures, but for some people, d...

Pairing Coffee with Chocolate

From agriculture, to processing & roasting - the Chocolate & Coffee industries have so many similarities. At ...

Sunday Public Cupping - What's next?

Coffee enthusiasts should be getting the most out of their beans, and successfully be able to brew a fantastic cup of coffee using multiple methods. Join us for the next Public Sunday Cupping, where we will simpify the perfect cup!

Wednesday Cupping

Seven different brewing methods were tested. This week's cupping featured the Tanzania Kanyovu AA that we will start...

African Coffee History and Tasting

Jason Dominy at the Michael Carlos Museum, Emory University. Chandler Rentz and I recently had the opportunity to le...

The August Mystery Cupping Challenge

The monthly Mystery Cupping Challenge took place yesterday in the Tasting Room. This month's "mysteries" included o...

Mystery Cup Challenge at the Coffeehouse

Yesterday was the return of our Mystery Cup Challenge. The challenge is to name the four coffees on the table by exa...

Things To Do In Olympia - Cup Coffee

Sunset Magazine featured Dancing Goat's® Tasting Room in the January, 2010 issue as a top pick destination while vis...

New Crop Coffees

The 2008 crop coffees from Central America are starting to arrive! We can expect these coffees to taste even more de...
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