AMBUSH? Yes Please

You arrive at the office and everything seems normal enough at first.

You greet your co-workers, engage in some obligatory small talk and settle into your desk, but something seemsdifferent. You glance over your shoulder several times. Are you being watched? Arent there usually birds singing or something? Its too quiet. You scan the horizon, the far wall of the office, looking for signs of something amiss. You make your way to the coffee pot with little enthusiasm. The office coffee is mediocre at best, or brewed wrong, or both. And then, just as youre about to pour a cup, it happens, an ambush, a coffee ambush. Jason Dominy, Customer Support and Outreach Coordinator for Batdorf and Bronson® Coffee Roasters doesnt carry any weapons, unless you count the harm he has inflicted on poor coffee and bad brewing all over Atlanta. And unlike the Romans who were ambushed by Hannibal at the Trebia river, the victims of a Batdorf & Bronson® coffee ambush are always happy to see Dominy. Carrying what he calls his Coffee Ambush Superkit (small water heater, grinder, digital scales, kettles, Clever Dripper cone brewers, decanters and plenty of extraordinary coffee), Dominy has appeared suddenly and armed to the teeth at the offices of Scoutmob, Vitrue and The Fox Theatre, among others. Within minutes he is brewing amazing Batdorf & Bronson coffees, one cup at a time, for a quickly gathering crowd of grateful coffee drinkers.

Dominy can be found almost every Friday morning at The Dancing Goats® Coffee Bar in Decatur, hand brewing coffee. Its something he looks forward to, brewing dozens of cups, one at a time and talking with customers as he brews their coffee. An advocate of hand brewing, he decided more people needed to experience the amazing flavor that can be experienced with maximum control over the key variables of brewing: time, temperature, and turbulence. If people could not make it to the coffee bar, he would take the coffee bar to the people. The Coffee Ambush was born. Although Dominy sometimes shows up uninvited, he usually has someone on the inside to help with timing and ensuring theres a spot to brew. For everyone else, his arrival is a complete surprise, creating quite a stir and smiles all around. So if you work in Atlanta and one morning things in your office seem a little too quiet, there just might be great coffee lurking around the cornerif youre lucky.

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