Environmental Purchasing

Supplier Purchasing Policy

At Dancing Goats® Coffee, we make every effort to work with suppliers who provide high quality products and have values that align with our own. We are a company that has always been on the leading edge of sustainability, and our suppliers are a significant part of our ability to do good in the world. We focus heavily on the sourcing of our coffees, the very foundation of our business. However, all other purchases are equally important. Sourcing locally as much as possible is in our company DNA.
Please use the following guidelines when making purchasing decisions. These priorities are intended to help evaluate how a supplier’s business practices align with our values and are not inclusive of everything we should consider.


  • Reduce shipping long distances and buying from large chain stores - shop locally! Suppliers that are located within 150 miles of each location are preferred, but if not possible, prioritize sourcing regionally and from independently owned businesses. We’ve purchased from the same local office supplies store for many years. We care about this relationship and believe in the importance of supporting our neighbors. If you can get it locally, do not buy it online.
  • Reduce inequalities: We prefer to support independent, woman-owned, minority, and employee-owned whenever possible. We support businesses that pay fair wages. We prioritize suppliers that pay their workers a living wage.
  • Reduce waste: We work tirelessly to reduce waste in our own operations, we should expect our suppliers to reduce waste as well. Prioritize sourcing from companies willing to consider re-thinking waste in their operations and collaborating on waste reduction efforts. Office supplies, electronics, share box.
  • Reduce unlawful activity: When choosing a supplier, it is critical that we only support businesses that follow the laws and regulations within the relevant jurisdictions.


  • Reused and durable materials: We prefer to buy used or secondhand products when possible. Re-using equipment or office supplies keep things out of the landfill and it tends to be less expensive. We also prioritize the purchase of durable goods, which by their nature are intended to be re-used again and again.
  • Share box: We encourage employees to take advantage of the reuse box we’ve provided to donate goods among employees in the Olympia office.


  • Recycled materials: If looking to purchase a manufactured good, we look for products that have a high percentage of recycled materials and aim for at least 30% recycled content in products such as office paper. If not possible, we prioritize the use of renewable and non-toxic materials.
  • Material type: Our packaging materials, utensils, etc. should be regarded with as much importance as the coffee we source. Compostable and easily recyclable materials
  • Electronics: Recycling electronics is an important part of our mission to reduce waste and pollution. Employees are encouraged to recycle their electronics during company collections that occur multiple times per year.
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