Decaf Dancing Goats®

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Our Decaf House Blend won't let you down.

Sweet, smooth, and dark, with a lingering floral aroma Decaf Dancing Goats® possesses a rich nutty body, with a clean acidity. Its depth makes for both an excellent espresso with heavy reddish-brown crema, as well as an exceptional drip coffee.

The only thing missing is the caffeine!

INGREDIENTS: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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When you love coffee, but don’t always want the caffeine that goes with it, you need an outstanding decaf bean- and that is where Swiss Water® and Dancing Goats® Coffee come in.

Comprised entirely of Swiss Water® Process coffees, our Dancing Goats® Decaf has been developed to perform with the same range as its caffeinated counterpart, and all without added chemicals.

Starting with immersion in water, the Swiss Water® process uses Green Coffee Extract (GCE), a solution crafted from natural water soluble compounds found in all green coffee beans, to decaffeinate coffee. Over time, the caffeine slowly separates from the coffee beans and into the decaf bath, with careful attention and fine tuning the decaffienation level reaches 0.01% or less.

When the Swiss Water® decaffeination process is complete, the beans are dried and brought to our coffee roastery, where they are roasted to perfection.


PLEASE NOTE: The decaffienation process affects the pigmentation of the beans, causing them to darken, appearing more aggressively developed than they actually are.


The rich body and finely detailed flavor is topped off with a floral aroma. Our Decaf Dancing Goats® has the same dark, chocolaty and spicy flavor that makes our regular Dancing Goats® an exceptional bean.

The syrupy chocolate profile makes a sweet spicy espresso on its own. When paired with milk, the full body of the shot makes for a smooth and rich latte.



  • 18g In / 27g Out (1:1.5 ratio)
  • 24-26 seconds (adj. to taste)
  • 200 Fahrenheit
  • 9 Bar
  • 17g of water / 1g of coffee (adj. to desired brew strength)

    Our commitment to sustainability

    Finding ways to be environmental stewards is a top priority at Batdorf & Bronson® Coffee Roasters. Watch Video.


    When we find an exceptional coffee we buy it. Then the unroasted beans travel by land and by sea to the USA where our artisan roasters develop a custom roast profile for the coffee that best highlights its unique qualities. We pay farmers fairly and build relationships that last decades. More than 30 years of experience means we have an abundance of relationships with coffee producers that grant us access to the best coffee beans in the world.

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