Organic Fair-Trade Costa Rica Cerro del Fuego

Product image 1Batdorf & Bronson® has been buying coffee from AFAORCA for ten years and we have all come to love this coffee as our “Cerro del Fuego” or "Finca los Bobos" offering.
Product image 2Organic Fair-Trade Costa Rica Cerro del Fuego
Product image 3Organic Fair-Trade Costa Rica Cerro del Fuego
Product image 4Organic Fair-Trade Costa Rica Cerro del Fuego

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Clean and sweet with flavors of caramel, bergamot, and citrus blossom.

Batdorf & Bronson® has been buying coffee from AFAORCA for ten years and we have all come to love this coffee as our Cerro del Fuego or Finca los Bobos offering. 

INGREDIENTS: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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This year marks our 18th year of purchases from the AFAORCA coop. AFAORCA is an acronym that stands for Asociaciòn de Familias Organicas de los Cerros Caraigres. The group has always impressed us with their standards of quality and hard work. Over the years Batdorf & Bronson® has supported many projects they initiated, including honey production and the opening of their own café and roasting operations, along with their own dry milling operation. The group is constantly working to diversify themselves in ways that make them less dependent on annual market swings in both volume and price of coffee. In recent years we have also worked with the group on pre-financing some of their harvest, so they have money when they need it the most: during the harvest time. This reduces the amount of money they need to borrow from banks at high interest rates. These are just a couple examples of what makes AFAORCA one of our true relationship coffees. 

The coffee is collected throughout the harvest season from many small farms in the Tarrazu Valley. There are currently 28 different families/farms that are members of the cooperative. Nearly all the farms have diversified crops besides coffee, including citrus fruits and avocados. There is always a canopy of shade providing protection to the soil and refuge for birds and wildlife. Only approved organic inputs are used on the farms. 

This year we have gone back to a fully washed process coffee. The coffee does not undergo what I would consider traditional fermentation. Instead, the mucilage is removed from the seed by the coop’s low-water-use de-pulpers, the clean, wet parchment then goes directly to drying patios (skipping what some would consider a traditional fermentation time where the coffee is kept wet and begins to ferment, allowing any remaining mucilage to separate from the seed). Once de-pulped, the coffee will spend up to 14 days being rotated on elevated drying beds. 



Clean and sweet with flavors of ripe cherry and cola. A lingering finish and mouth-watering acidity will have you enjoying sip after sip. 


  • 1g of water / 17g of coffee (adj. to desired brew strength)
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