Steeped Coffee

What is Steeped Coffee®?

Dancing Goats® Steeped Coffee® is an environmentally responsible, single-serve coffee solution focused on exceptional coffee in a fully compostable package. Ethically sourced, our coffees are micro-batched, locally roasted, and nitrogen-sealed in Guilt-Free Packaging™, offering a simple, single-serve coffee solution that only requires hot water and a mug! Perfect for waking up in a luxurious hotel suite or for waking up under the stars, Dancing Goats® Steeped Coffee® combines quality and convenience for the first time to revolutionize your on the go experience.

Doing it 'the Right Way'

We were searching for convenient single serve options other than pods or K-cups (which create way too much waste), that tasted the way coffee should. Along the way we sampled lots and lots of single-serving coffee options, and were not satisfied with the results. Finding a single-serve coffee option that doesn't compromise our values and mission was always a top priority, which meant that a sustainable product that provides a quality cup of coffee we can stand by, was the only option. We were beginning to think our search was pointless, when we stumbled upon Steeped Coffee®, who helped us package some of our favorite fresh-roasted coffees into their unique 100% compostable filtration and freshness system.

Fresh ground coffee that’s as easy as brewing tea

100% real coffee
Ultrasonically sealed
Nitro sealed for freshness
Full immersion filter
Each coffee lists the naturally occurring flavors found only in high quality beans

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Please Note:

Due to supply chain issues, coffee packaging may differ from what is pictured on product pages.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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