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A fully washed coffee, "El Paraiso" has a balanced acidity and medium body.

In the cup you will find flavors of blackberry along with a delicate floral nuance. There are elements of watermelon along with sweet sugarcane. This is an all-day drinking coffee and great example of why Colombian coffees have the impressive reputation that they do.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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My love affair with Tolima as a coffee producing area began all the way back in 2005. Dancing Goats® Coffee purchased a coffee through a “Cup of Excellence” competition. The coffee was called “Los Lirios,” or “The Lilies,” and it was from Tolima, an area I had not had much experience with.

My memory of the coffee was that it was perfectly balanced with layers of orange zest, cocoa, and a distinct floral quality reminiscent of jasmine and citrus blossom. It created for me the ideal profile to which all future Colombia purchases would be compared. Tolima is in an area farther south in the Colombian coffee belt, in close proximity to the more widely known area of Huila. Our preferred taste profile often is found in these southern producing areas.



As with many Colombian coffees, El Paraiso sits at a very high altitude and yields a complex cup of coffee. In the cup, we find flavors of ripe blackberry and watermelon. It has balanced acidity and is medium-bodied with a lingering, sweet finish.


Yanin Diaz is a life-long coffee producer. He was born into a coffee-producing family and grew up learning processing methods from his father. In 1998 he purchased the El Paraiso farm outside of the small village of El Brasil in the southern part of Tolima. He lives there on the farm full time with his wife, two children, and father. The village of El Brasil is the namesake for a special InConexus project in the area. It encourages producers to experiment with different process methods with the goal of improved cup quality and enhanced sustainable practices. This particular delivery implemented a longer fermentation time and reducing the water used in the washing process.

  • 17g of coffee / 1g of water (adj. to desired brew strength)

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When we find an exceptional coffee we buy it. Then the unroasted beans travel by land and by sea to the USA where our artisan roasters develop a custom roast profile for the coffee that best highlights its unique qualities. We pay farmers fairly and build relationships that last decades. More than 30 years of experience means we have an abundance of relationships with coffee producers that grant us access to the best coffee beans in the world.

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