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The key concept in brewing coffee is this:

Coarse coffee grounds need more time to brew than fine grounds. Flavors move quickly from fine coffee, slowly from coarse grounds. 
This truth is best applied with the AeroPress. The official recipe included with the AeroPress uses fine ground coffee (nearly espresso) and a short, 30 second steep. However, by adjusting the brew time to match the size of grind, any size can shine with the AeroPress. 
It is that simple.  

Expanding on the principle 

                Fine (espresso) stir and press at :30 
                Medium (pour over) stir and press 1:15-1:45 
                Coarse (Chemex or French Press) stir and press 1:45-2:30 
Coffee that brewed too quickly (think of under-baked bread) will taste sour, bitter like unsweetened cocoa, or like the pith of a poorly peeled grapefruit. 
Brew too long and the coffee tastes of burnt matches, rubbing alcohol, or medicinal like an aspirin when swallowed too slowly and the outer coating dissolves. 
Adjust accordingly. 

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