New Coffee: Kenya AB Karimikui

This Kenyan coffee is produced by the Rung’eto Farmers Cooperative Society, a group that includes nearly 2200 members. This coffee is vibrant and fruity with floral nuances. You will find a bouquet of citrus blossom with flavors of apricot and nectarine. Bold and flavorsome, this coffee is sure to liven up your day.

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Roasted When You Order to Ensure Freshness

Freshness Matters. That's why when you order online, your coffee is roasted the next morning (Monday-Thursday) by our artisan roasters in Olympia, WA and Atlanta, GA and is packaged and shipped out to you that afternoon, so you can maximize that optimal freshness. In just a few days your coffee arrives on your doorstep, ready to be brewed into the best cup of coffee possible.

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Join the club!

The Batdorf & Bronson® Boosters VIP Coffee Club is a community group for super-fans and coffee aficionados. Here you'll find access to our latest content including brewing tips, videos, and interactive discussions. You'll also be first to hear of new coffees and you'll receive exclusive access to discounts, giveaways, and
group-only offers.

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New French Roast Steeped Coffee

If you're like us, then you probably enjoy a little adventure, whether its hiking, camping, or hotel stays in exotic locales.

But, every time we travel we have to deal with the same dilemma- how are we going to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our favorite coffee while we're on the road?

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The Multitasker™ Alton Brown's Signature Blend

The Multitasker™ is simple. A coffee for all seasons and all reasons; a coffee to drink anytime and anywhere. Drink it while you read, drink it while you cook, drink it while you sleep (or maybe right after).

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Our Passion: High-Impact Coffee. Low-Impact Production.

Since 1986, the Dancing Goats® Coffee Bar and Batdorf & Bronson® Roasters have been committed to ethical trading practices, sustainable roasting processes, and a relationship with the land, the people, and our team. We know that doing things the right way is the only way to make the  perfect cup of coffee. It’s the only way to make sure we can keep pouring them for years to come.

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How Our Coffee Gets Made

Roasting locally in Atlanta, GA and Olympia, WA. Handcrafting exceptional coffee for over 30 years.

Single Origin & Blends

We source the best quality coffee beans from around the world and pay a premium to the farmers who produce them so that they can thrive and continue doing what they love.

Handcrafted Coffee

Our artisan roasters use their experience and expertise to roast the green beans into the kind of coffee that is much more than a morning pickup.

A Passion for Coffee

Everyone on our team loves coffee. We love our customers. And we love doing things the right way- never the easy way.

Visit Our Locations

Come see us at one of our nine coffee bars in Washington and Georgia. Our expertly trained and certified baristas will make sure you have a coffee experience you won’t forget. 

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