New Organic Peru

Torta Dulce is a traditional Latin American dessert. It translates as “sweet cake” and comes in many forms. Simple, sweet, and delicious, our La Torta Dulce is the coffee take on this dessert. We find these same flavors of vanilla, cocoa, sweet cream, and cinnamon combined into a delicious cup of coffee. Enjoy!

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New! Limited Edition Spring Mugs

New this Spring! These mugs are perfect for coffee or tea, and make great gifts for family and friends!

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New Ethiopia Decaf

Some of our most discerning coffee drinkers are DECAF drinkers.

With that in mind, when a great decaf coffee comes through the lab, you just have to jump on it. So it is with this Decaf Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Natural processed, full of mixed fruits, balanced and floral, this Halo Hartume offering will have you questioning if it is indeed decaf.

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A delightful offering from the highlands of Huehuetenango.

Dos Socios is a complex and delightful offering from the highlands of Huehuetenango. We find up front flavors of caramel and almond with a lingering fruity sweetness reminiscent of a fine red wine. The coffee continues to transform throughout the temperature range, evoking rays of sunshine and tropical aromatic breezes.

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Roasted When You Order to Ensure Freshness

Freshness Matters. That's why when you order online, your coffee is roasted by our artisan roasters the next morning (Monday-Thursday) in Olympia, WA or Atlanta, GA and is packaged and shipped the same day. When your coffee arrives on your doorstep it is fresh and ready to be brewed into the best cup of coffee possible.

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The Dancing Goats® Coffee VIP Coffee Club is a community group for super-fans and coffee aficionados. Here you'll find access to our latest content including brewing tips, videos, and interactive discussions. You'll also be first to hear of new coffees and you'll receive exclusive access to discounts, giveaways, and group-only offers.

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Our Passion: High-Impact Coffee. Low-Impact Production.

Since 1988, the Dancing Goats® Coffee has been committed to ethical trading practices, sustainable roasting processes, and a relationship with the land, the people, and our team. We know that doing things the right way is the only way to make the  perfect cup of coffee. It’s the only way to make sure we can keep pouring them for years to come.

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How Our Coffee Gets Made

Roasting locally in Olympia, WA and Atlanta, GA. Handcrafting exceptional coffee for over 30 years.

Single Origin & Blends

We source the best quality coffee beans from around the world and pay a premium to the farmers who produce them so that they can thrive and continue doing what they love.

Handcrafted Coffee

Our artisan roasters use their experience and expertise to roast the green beans into the kind of coffee that is much more than a morning pick-me-up.

A Passion for Coffee

Everyone on our team loves coffee. We love our customers. And we love doing things the right way- never the easy way.

Visit Our Locations

Come see us at one of our nine coffee bars in Washington and Georgia. Our expertly trained and certified baristas will make sure you have a coffee experience you won’t forget. 

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